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Customize your seat

The OMP seats are established for their attention to detail, the choice of innovative materials and modern design. The wide range also allows both professionals and amateurs, while maintaining the quality of thirty years’ experience in the design and production of seats for the best drivers in the world.

Showcase of custom seat design

Our proprietary sublimation technology “OMP Print Art” allows you to customize the HTE-R and WRC-R seats with any design, also including photos and color blendings. The exploded view above gives an example of the seats’ areas where maximum creative freedom can be expressed.

How to step by step

Create your unique racing seat with OMP Racing’s easy step-by-step customization guide, blending style, speed, and personal flair effortlessly.


Choose your model

Choose the item you want to customize according to the technical characteristics (weight, homologation, etc.) and download the “customization tutor” and the “blank model” by clicking on the image.


Choose your colors

Follow the “Customization tutor”, and choose the colors from palette range.


Choose your graphic

Apply the graphics and logos of your team to the “blank model” of the chosen seat You can also opt for OMP proposals by contacting our sales department.


To facilitate the work of our team the logos and artwork must be in high quality, especially for overalls with printed logos and “one art” suits (accepted formats: .ai .eps, .pdf or jpg high res – min 300dpi ). The colors of the logos must be indicated by the pantone standard. For the correct codes, visit the site http://www.pantone.com/color-finder


It's time to order your seat

Contact us to find out and request a quote.