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work with us. Join our highly qualified, dynamic and motivated team.

Working for the OMP brand and whole Racing Force Group means joining a highly qualified, dynamic and motivated team with strong incentives to achieve results, and the ability to develop new ideas and innovative projects, assuring training and constant and progressive professional growth for every skill.

Our success your success

The feedback from our Customers and Partners, and our ability to set new technical standard, represents the best indicator of our success in motorsport.

passion and dedication as own job

Every individual who joins our team must possess talent and personality, an entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.

He/She must know how to best exploit his/her time in the most efficient way, contributing to the optimal pursuit of the objectives identified, and learn new skills in a more in-depth way.

Racing Force employees have professional experience that allows them to progressively assume greater responsibility and display their personal ability, with entrepreneurial logic, and collaborate with a first-rate professional network, even internationally.

Candidates can check the open positions in the recruiting area of ​​the racing force website which can be reached via the button below.